Policy support and technical breakthroughs help the high-quality development of internal combustion engines

The reliability of internal combustion engine directly affects the performance and service life of supporting equipment. Improving the reliability of internal combustion engine is of great significance to the sustainable development of internal combustion engine industry. From February 18 to 19, the 11th International Symposium on Internal Combustion Engine Reliability Technology was held in Jinan, Shandong Province. As an annual landmark academic exchange activity in the global industry, this conference is hosted by the National Key Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engine and Power System.

In the form of combining online and offline, the conference invited more than 1000 global industry experts and enterprise technical backbones to carry out academic exchange and sharing around the "double carbon" goal and the requirements of high-quality development of the equipment manufacturing industry for the internal combustion engine industry, focusing on the reliability of the internal combustion engine, the reliability of key parts of the internal combustion engine, the prediction and evaluation of the internal combustion engine reliability and other technical directions, and jointly promote the global industrial technological progress and the transformation and upgrading of the industrial chain.

Policy support to promote high-quality development of the industry

Internal combustion engine is an important basic industry and leading power in China. It is widely used in transportation, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, fishing vessels, national defense equipment and other fields. In recent years, relevant national departments have encouraged enterprises to produce efficient, low-carbon and environmentally friendly internal combustion engines through tax reduction and other macro-control policies, and guided supporting enterprises to adopt efficient, low-carbon and environmentally friendly internal combustion engines. We will adopt policy measures to eliminate products with high energy consumption and high emissions, and accelerate the popularization and application of high-efficiency, low-carbon and clean internal combustion engine products. We will accelerate the development of China's internal combustion engine industry in the direction of green, low-carbon and intelligent by establishing a long-term energy-saving and emission reduction benchmarking mechanism.

In 2016, the "13th Five-Year Plan" Comprehensive Work Plan for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction pointed out that clean diesel engine action should be implemented to comprehensively promote emission control of mobile sources. We will improve the environmental protection standards for new motor vehicles and non-road mobile machinery, and issue and implement the national emission standards for motor vehicles.

In 2017, the Medium and Long-term Development Plan of the Automobile Industry proposed to increase the research, development and promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection technologies for automobiles. Promote the research and development of advanced fuel vehicles, hybrid vehicles and alternative fuel vehicles, and break through key technologies such as vehicle lightweight, hybrid power, efficient internal combustion engine, advanced transmission, etc.

In 2018, the Notice on Printing and Distributing the Three-year Action Plan to Win the Blue Sky Defense War proposed to carry out technical research on ultra-low emission transformation, pollution emission source control, multimodal freight transport, clean combustion of internal combustion engines and boilers in steel and other industries.

In 2021, the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" comprehensive work plan for energy conservation and emission reduction pointed out that the national emission standards for automobiles and non-road mobile diesel machinery should be fully implemented, and the national emission standards for automobiles with national emission standards of three and below should be basically eliminated. Deeply implement the clean diesel engine action and encourage the replacement of heavy diesel trucks.

In 2021, the High-Quality Development Plan for the Internal Combustion Engine Industry (2021-2035) proposed to promote the high-quality development of the internal combustion engine industry and build a powerful country in the internal combustion engine industry. Actively respond to the double carbon targets of "carbon peak and carbon neutral" and "near zero pollutant emissions", promote the integration of internal combustion engine technology with multi-fuel, electrification, digitalization and intelligent technology, and strive to achieve "carbon peak" in the internal combustion engine industry by 2028, "near zero pollution emissions" by 2030, and "carbon neutral" by 2050, so as to meet the requirements of national economic construction, national defense security and people's life for efficiency, cleanness The demand for low-carbon internal combustion power.

In 2021, the 14th Five-Year Plan for Railway Science and Technology Innovation proposed to deepen the research and development of energy efficiency improvement and energy supply technology, and carry out research on comprehensive energy-saving forward design technology, diesel locomotive emission technology, hybrid power technology, fuel substitution technology and intelligent operation and maintenance technology.

These guiding documents define the path and direction for the future development of the internal combustion engine industry, and also play a leading role in the future layout of the enterprise.

Future development focuses on three technologies

At present, "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" have become the common pursuit of the world. The meeting pointed out that the future development trend of internal combustion engines will mainly focus on three major technologies: low-carbon, clean and lightweight.

Tan Xuguang, director of the National Key Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engines and Power Systems, said in his speech at the opening ceremony that high-power diesel engines will never disappear on the earth. Green and low-carbon development has become a global consensus. The internal combustion engine industry needs more leapfrog development of core technologies than ever before, more disruptive breakthroughs in cutting-edge technologies, and more integrated innovation from global peers.

"With the concept of openness, sharing and win-win, we will work together with global colleagues to speed up key core technologies and major original technologies, and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of the global internal combustion engine and power equipment industry," said Tan Xuguang.

In the important period of the national "double carbon" strategic goal and the comprehensive promotion of energy conservation, emission reduction, green, low carbon and high-quality development, Weichai adheres to the "double engine drive" strategy of traditional energy and new energy to jointly promote, realizes independent innovation of core technology with the spirit of self-reliance and self-reliance, and heads high on behalf of China's power level to the world stage.

The conference set up one main venue and three sub-venues. This is an academic feast for the global internal combustion engine industry to exchange prosperity, enlighten wisdom and promote progress, which has attracted the keen attention of all sectors of society and global peers. The conference was broadcast live worldwide to further connect the "strongest brain" in the global internal combustion engine industry.

It is understood that since 2012, the International Symposium on Reliability Technology of Internal Combustion Engines has been successfully held for ten times, and its influence has been continuously improved, and it has become an important academic exchange platform and technical development vane for the global internal combustion engine industry. With this platform, more and more universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises at home and abroad carry out chain innovation around the basic theory and key common technologies of internal combustion engine reliability, which has played an important role in promoting the technical progress of internal combustion engine reliability. (Reporter Cao Yali)

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