Facial Recognition Biometric Technology Entering Automobile Rental Industry

The 7th China Beijing) International Machinery Industry Remanufacturing Exhibition (Reman China 2019) will take place at the China International Exhibition Center (Jinganzhuang Venue), Beijing from August 9 to 11, 2019. Several machinery industry remanufacturing seminars will be held concurrently to intensify remanufacturing promotion, enhance social recognition, promote the all-round development of remanufacturing and the green circular economy, broaden the range of machinery industry remanufacturing, and build a major exchange platform in association with relevant remanufacturing associations, to promote the coordinated development of machinery industry remanufacturing.

The internal combustion engine is the most promising and effective product in the field of energy conservation and emission reduction at present and in the future. It will play an unshakable role for a long period to come. To achieve the overall goal of peaking China's carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 or earlier, the internal combustion engine industry bears the arduous task and heavy duty of energy conservation and emission reduction.

We should comprehensively implement the Three-Year Blue Sky Protection Action Plan, speed up the launch of new engines up to China's existing emission regulations and fuel limit standards, grasp the new opportunity from the development of the internal combustion engine industry, and accelerate the internationalization of China's internal combustion engine industry.

In the last 110 years, China's internal combustion engine industry has kept growing in scale and quality, and innovative products meeting the requirements of emission regulations and market needs have kept emerging. China will continue to consolidate its role as an internal combustion engine manufacturing power, accomplish the intelligence of product manufacturing and promote the informatization of the industry.

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